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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is dandy?

Dandy is a platform for people and their pets! We believe that healthier dogs are happier dogs and happier dogs make happier people. Our first line of products are personalized, supplement treats that are customized for your dog’s unique needs and delivered monthly. We use a proprietary algorithm that analyzes thousands of data points to pinpoint where your dog could use the most daily support. We're empowering pet parents to take a proactive, preventative approach to their dog's overall wellness.

How did you develop dandy?

Dandy was developed with a team of Vets, food scientists and dog-lovers alike to be effective, digestible and bio-available. We worked with pet nutrition experts to come up with our unique supplement variations and find the best ingredients to support dog's diverse needs.

How do I get my dog started?

Getting started is easy! Take our 2-minute quiz, view your dog’s health profile + recommendations and voila - your dog is now a Dandy Dog.

How many supplements does my dog receive?

Every dog will receive 4 different supplements to take daily. You will receive a whole month's supply every 30 days(120 total supplement treats per month)

My dog hates taking pills. How is this different?

Dandy supplements were formulated and crafted in treat form, with a beef flavor that dogs love. Each treat is soft, great-tasting and easily digestible. For dogs who are pickier, we recommend breaking up the treats on top of their breakfast!

Why should I give my dogs supplements?

We believe that all wellness, for both human and dogs, starts with proactive and preventative care. Dandy supplements fill the gaps in your dog’s diet and lifestyle to give them daily support in areas they need most. We help get ahead of issues like inflammation, allergies, and arthritis. We’re here to help dogs live healthier, happier lives with their mom or dad (aka, you!).

Will my dog have any reaction to the supplements?

Just like introducing anything new to your dog’s diet, there is always a chance your dog might experience some slight stomach discomfort that should subside within the first few days . If the symptoms persist, we recommend pausing use and speaking to your veterinarian, as well as getting in contact with our Dandy team at

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

We spent a lot of time taste testing to make our treats as tasty as possible, even with some of the pickiest dogs we know, and we’ve learned a few tricks along the way. If your dog happens to dislike our treats on their own or isn’t a big treat fan in general, we recommend breaking the treat into smaller pieces and mixing in with their meals (ideally breakfast). If this doesn’t work, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your pup.

Can I give Dandy to my puppy?

We recommend waiting until your dog is at least 6 months old before starting them on Dandy.

Where can I see if a product contains things my dog is allergic to?

Our supplements are made from minimal, all-natural ingredients like brewer’s yeast and coconut oil! You can learn more about our products by visiting our Ingredients page.

What if my dog has a health condition?

We always recommend consulting with your Vet prior to giving your dog any supplements,especially if they have a pre-existing health condition or are on any prescription medication. Additionally, please reference your dog’s health condition within their quiz to make sure they receive the proper supplement checkout that does not interfere with their condition or any medication they are on.

What if my dog gets sick?

Dandy is formulated with all natural, safe and effective ingredients within an NASC certified facility. All of our supplements are commonly used in the pet industry and have been generally recognized as safe by the Vet community as well as have been given a green light by our Vet team. If you suspect the supplement treats are causing an acute reaction, please contact your vet immediately, as well as our team at with the details of your order and medical situation.

Can I order Dandy for multiple dogs?

Of course! Just take our 2-minute quiz for each of your dogs and all of their profiles will be saved under your account.

Do you work with any Vets or have any partnerships?

Dandy has a team of 3 vets who you can learn more about here. We also have a partnership with American Pets Alive to help shelters convert to No Kill shelters across the U.S through leadership, data and training. You can learn more about our partnership and our mission to save 1 Million Dogs here.

Where is Dandy made?

Our treats and products are made at a NASC certified facility based in the USA.

Where are you located, physically?

We’re excited to be HQ’d in San Francisco, CA!

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Shop personalized supplements for healthier, happier dogs.
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Shop Meal Toppers to add a dash of nutrients to your pup's meal along with a boost of flavor!
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