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Like you, we're dog moms and dads first. We know first hand how hard it can be to answer the question “how is my dog really feeling?”. Like you, we wish our pups could speak their minds and tell us but until that day, we’ve relied on endless Google searches to help answer our questions.

We’re here to make things easier for you. We worked with our team of Vets to create the Dandy Decoder - a collection of guides to help you understand and improve the overall wellness of your pup, starting with the four most common wellness concerns: Anxiety, Digestion, Mobility and Allergy. Watch this space for new guides and tips from our team!
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Anxiety - it’s not fun for us and it’s definitely not fun for our pups. Think your dog might be anxious? Check out our quick guide on what to look for and how to support your dog through those scary moments.


Big dog, small dog, young dog, senior dog - Our mobility guide was built to help you keeps tabs on healthy hips & joints to keep that pep in their step no matter their age.


Notice your dog itching a lot? Licking their paws after a long walk? They could have seasonal allergies! Check out our guide on how to identify them & keep your pup itch free through the seasons.


Yep, we’re going there. We’re talking about poop. The ultimate guide to your dog’s poop, what it means and how to make sure they have a healthy, happy gut!
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