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Why Dandy exists 🐶
Tue, Oct 26, 21
We exist to make people and their pets happier and healthier.

Dandy is our remedy to the frustrations we’ve all had as pet parents. We wanted a smarter, proactive way to care for our pets - but all we found were one-size-fits-all products, shady ingredients, and messy, confusing information. We were encouraged to be proactive with our own health, but why weren’t we doing the same with our dogs? Our idea was simple - use real data and years of science to take a truly personalized approach to our pet's wellness.

"As an (obsessed) dog-mom - I found myself constantly frustrated with the lack of products and information that made caring for them easier, approachable and supported their well-being, daily. After spending too much time searching the depths of the internet, I decided to create what I was looking for. So with a team of Vets and dog-lovers alike, we started building what I believe will fundamentally change the way we take care of our pets. We’re here to make life easier for you, so you can get back to doing the things you love with your dog."

Danielle, Founder & CEO at Dandy
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A happy pup starts with a happy gut! Just like humans, pets need healthy gut flora to support their overall well-being, decrease anxiety & maintain a healthy immune response. We caught up with our in-house Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Laurie Johnson, to get the low-down on why digestion matters.
We sat down with Dr. Laurie Johnson to chat all things Anxiety and how to help your dog manage it!
We exist to make people and their pets happier and healthier.
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