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All About: Separation Anxiety
Wed, Oct 27, 21

Many dogs struggle with separation anxiety especially if they have spent time in a shelter environment or if they have feelings of abandonment. This condition has been increasingly observed, even in previously normal dogs, during the pandemic as routines have been disrupted and pet parents have been faced with their own newfound anxieties.  It's always best to work closely with your trusted veterinarian and dog trainer on an individualized plan as separation anxiety is considered to be a more severe form of anxiety and is a very complex condition.  We’re hoping this will help too :)


How to recognize anxiety in dogs:
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Destructive behavior
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Episodes of excessive drooling
  • Panting excessively
  • Self trauma unrelated to allergies
  • Obsessive compulsive behavior
  • Difficulty with crate training
  • Fearful reaction to loud or startling noises



Which Dandy treats can work for anxiety?
  • "Hemp +" - Hemp oil, turmeric, and black pepper is great for dogs that may be dealing with pain, inflammation plus anxiety.
  • "L Theanine" is an amino acid known for its calming properties.
  • "Chill Pill" with skullcap and chamomile gently calm nervous pups.
  • "Shine Boost" is a fatty acid supplement that’s great for joints and skin with the added benefit of reducing anxiety.
  • "Magnesium" is known to relax muscles and calm the nerves



How else can you ease your dog's anxiety?

Exercise calms the mind and change in routine is one of the most common causes of newly diagnosed separation anxiety. If you know that your routine is going to change soon, slowly acclimate your pet to being away from them in small increments. Try to stick to the same routine for at least a couple of weeks before you go back to the office.

If your dog is anxious and is not crate trained, look into positive crate training. There are tons of you tube videos on this! Many dogs don’t take to crates well because they’ve had bad experiences or were forced to be in a crate. Dogs are naturally den creatures and do feel safer and much less anxious in that type of environment, but it can take time to develop a positive association. Patience is key-- it could take months-- but will be well worth it!


  • Food toys, puzzles, snuffle mats can keep your pup’s mind and nose occupied further reducing stress levels.
  • Reward calm and well adapted independent behaviors.
  • Maintain calm energy around your dog. Practice deep breathing during quiet time together.
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