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All About: Seasonal Allergies
Wed, Dec 08, 21

Notice your dog itching a lot? Licking their paws after a long walk? They could have seasonal allergies! Mold, pollen, grass - you name it! Just like us, our pup counterparts can suffer from the dreaded seasonal allergies. Thankfully, there are tell-tale signs to spot it and some expert advice on how to combat it. Itchy pups no more! 


The Tell Tale Signs 

First things first, how can you tell if your dog has seasonal allergies? Just like humans, there's a few tell-tale signs that your dog might be suffering: 

  • Itchy 
  • Swelling
  • Excessive shedding
  • Hives
  • Red, irritate skin
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose 
  • Crusty eyes 
  • Yeast infections 
  • Smelly ears (infected)
  • Biting or chewing on paws
  • Vomiting

Tips & Tricks From Team Dandy To Combat Allergies 

The good news is as you identify your dog's causes for allergies, there are a few things you can do to help decrease inflammation, maintain a healthy skin barrier and prevent them from itching or biting. A few of our favorite tips: 


  • Wipe their fur and face down with a wet cloth after a walk. This helps remove any allergens like pollen from their fur and won't bring it into the house.

  • Fill a spray bottle with water + 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and spray on paws after walk. This will help clean off their paws and neutralize their skin barrier.

  • Use an oatmeal shampoo 1x weekly! Oatmeal is soothing for the skin and will help relieve your pup of any consistent itchiness. 

  • Add in Salmon Oil to protect their skin and coat. A Dandy team favorite, Salmon oil helps moisturize and protect the skin barrier from the inside out

  • Remove allergens from diet. This one can be tricky as it is hard to identify what might be causing your dog's allergic reaction. try removing top allergens like chicken, eggs, lamb, soy or gluten. The most common food allergens in dog's is proteins so eliminating a few can help identify if this might be the cause! 

    How can Dandy help?


    At Dandy, we are no strangers to pups with allergies and believe the best care starts from within. While all of our supplements benefit your dog's wellness, we have a few stand out treats as our go-to's for our pups with allergies. 


    1. Shine Boost - Our salmon oil provides a twin boost of omega 3 and 6 for a shiny coat and healthy joints. Omega-3's can also reduce inflammation and improve healing to areas of discomfort.Free & Clear 
    2. Free & Clear - A dynamic duo of Quercetin and Astragalus. This allergen-fighting powerhouse is made up of plant-derived quercetin which is filled with inflammation fighting bioflavonoids. We like to call this Nature's Benadryl! Astragalus, a flowering plant, promotes year-round immune support no matter the season.
    3. Hemp+ - It's no secret how powerful hemp is. From pain management to inflammation, we use whole plant hemp to help with everything from anxiety, allergies to mobility. We love adding this powerful support to our pup's packs! 
    4. Happy Belly - A happy pup starts in the gut! Just like humans, dog's need a healthy gut flora to fend off allergies, anxiety and keep inflammation at bay. Our Happy Belly is chock full of pre and probiotics and amplified with ginger and slippery elm for a soothing, gut-healing daily vitamin.
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