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Daily supplement treats for healthier, happier dogs.

  • ✓ Personalized for your Pup
  • ✓ Formulated by Vets
  • ✓ All-Natural & Non-GMO
  • ✓ Made in the USA
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Personalize their Pack

Get a Vet-backed recommendation based on your unique dog

Build your own pack

Customize your own pup’s Dandy pack by choosing 4 daily treats from our full range of supplements.

Vet-Formulated Packs

Pre-made packs with 4 daily supplement treats that alleviate symptoms naturally and boost the immune system.

why dandy?

Your pup's health is our priority

Your dog’s daily pack works together to support both their short-term and long-term health needs. Dandy supplement treats can help combat everything from anxiety, allergies and digestion all while supporting your dogs overall well-being.

Proprietary Non-GMO Blends

Customized just for Your Pup

Highest Quality All- Natural Ingredients

Pup Approved Taste

Formulated by Leading Vets

Made in the USA in a NASC certified Facility

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Loved by Pups & Trusted by Their Parents

“Penelope has Happy Belly, Shine Boost, Supergreens, and L-Theanine in her pack. L-Theanine is something my vet actually recommended so I was happy to easily work this into her routine with her other supplements. She has the healthiest, shiniest coat (thank you shine boost!) and she has stopped having such a sensitive belly (thank you happy belly!)”

Whitney W., Penelope’s Mom

“We love Dandy because of their continuous communication with us and always checking in if we’re happy with Chili’s supplements. Chili struggles a lot with seasonal allergies and along with Dandy we think we’ve got a handle on it!”

Annie W., Chili’s Mom

“It is so nice to have a daily routine where I get to give my pup some treats that are great for her. Stella has gotten a softer shinier coat and also been calmer. She is less anxious and she is more free to be herself”

Caitlin F., Stella’s Mom

“Dandy makes my life so much easier! My dogs are getting older and it’s extremely important to me that they are as healthy as possible. I love being able to customize to what suits each of them best.Since Dandy is all-in-one, I don’t have to order twelve different things which is beyond worth it”

Allie - Elsie, Murphy and Shelby’s Mom

“Dandy offers a high quality line of supplements for dogs directly to pet parents. They want to know about each individual dog so they can customize optimal health choices for every little (or not so little) one. All dogs are not created equally and Dandy recognizes the importance of personalized pet care.”

Dr. Laurie Johnson

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Dandy makes it easy to find the best supplements for your dog's complete health. Take the quiz to get our Vet-recommended pack of vitamin treats for your pup!

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