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Shop personalized supplements for healthier, happier dogs.
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Shop Meal Toppers to add a dash of nutrients to your pup's meal along with a boost of flavor!
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Personalized supplements for healthier, happier dogs.

1000+ Happy Pups

Personalized supplements for healthier, happier dogs.

  • ✓ Personalized for your dog's needs
  • ✓ Pup-Approved flavor
  • ✓ Vet-Formulated & All-Natural
  • ✓ Helps anxiety, allergies & more!

Sprinkle extra vitality into your dog’s meals

  • ✓ Freeze-dried raw to lock in nutrients
  • ✓ High quality ingredients
  • ✓ Gentle but powerful probiotics
  • ✓ Irresistable flavors dogs love

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healthy Supplements

dandy personalizes supplements for healthier, happier dogs.

Build your own pack

Customize your own pup’s Dandy pack by choosing four daily treats from our full range of supplements.

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Vet-Formulated Packs

Pre-made packs with 4 daily supplement treats that alleviate symptoms naturally and boost the immune system.

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Take our short quiz to get a vet-backed recommendation based on your unique dog

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Skin & Coat
Healthy digestion
Allergy Support
Immune Support
Stress Relief
Hip & Joint Support
Stress Relief
Anxiety Support
Essential Minerals
Calming Aid
Liver Support
Heart Health
Essential Vitamins
Hormone Support
Healthy Vision

Meal Toppers

Sprinkle some additonal vitamins and probiotics on your pup's daily kibble

Meal toppers

Prepare an extra tasty, extra healthy meal for your pup with our delicious, vitamin enriched toppers.

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Meal toppers + Digestive Support

Give your best friend 100% of their daily essentials, plus a little extra something to regulate their digestion.

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why dandy?

Dogs on dandy Do Better

Dandy supplement and topper packs work together to support your dog's overall health and wellbeing. Do anything and everything from soothing anxiety and combatting allergies to improving digestive and immune function.

Proprietary Non-GMO Blends

Customized just for Your Pup

Highest Quality All- Natural Ingredients

Pup Approved Taste

Formulated by Leading Vets

Made in the USA in a NASC certified Facility

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“As a physician, it's of the utmost importance to me that we create supplements with high quality ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy. We get to know about each pet and pet parent before recommending products as to insure we give the right dose to the right dog. Our pets deserve just as much attention and help with their health as we do, and Dandy makes that possible.”

- Dr. Roth
Our Process
"New e-commerce brand takes personalized wellness to the dogs!"
"Treats with health benefits. Zephyr and I would give them "2 paws up"!"
"Customized Dog Treats Could Take Over Pet Care"
1000+ Happy Pups
Brielle C.
I absolutely love what you do, having vitamins custom to my fur baby has saved our lives ! Don’t know what we would’ve done would’ve done without you and your amazing brand 💗
Ashley L.
Bentley loves his daily “treats” and it keeps me on track with giving him vitamins to keep him healthy
Cheyenne W.
She’s doing great on her supplements. She used to constantly suffer with allergies and would limp because of her joints. She doesn’t have that issue anymore and she can get around better than ever. I’m so happy that she can do so much more now and have such a better quality of life! She actually had her first beach trip yesterday BECAUSE of her supplements!
Alexandra S.
We love dandy!! It’s perfect for a grab and go treat on our walks or to add to our pups food every morning. Louie's coat is glowing ever since we started using dandy and we love the pre-packaged vitamins! Makes it so easy to use. Highly recommend it!
Julia D.
She used to be itchy and scratch at herself and bite at her paws, and has stopped almost entirely thanks to her B-Complex. Chill Pill has definitely helped and she’s become far less restless and overall a calmer dog. I use the four treats as a part of her training, and give them right before her dinner!!
Thainara B.
We had an amazing experience with Dandy, it truly helped my dogs especially with their stomach. They look healthier, more energetic and eating normally again ❤️

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Shop personalized supplements for healthier, happier dogs.
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Shop Meal Toppers to add a dash of nutrients to your pup's meal along with a boost of flavor!
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